Towels and textiles for the bathroom.

If you are thinking of purchasing to make your home more comfortable, you can not help but consider the idea of buying of quality towels: not just products to be placed in the bathroom, but real pieces of furniture that are worth attention and care.

In our catalog you will find towels Jenny Sesàl, designed and placed at your disposal to meet all your needs: there are models and various types of tissue. Here, then, towels made of spongy tissue, characterized by a remarkable ability to absorb water and liquids: are perfect for both the body and the hands, because they are able to dry from both sides. They can be placed next to the sink, or leaving the shower.

The couple Aida Guest Towel and are an expression of quality and excellence.

A touch of color that will never go unnoticed

Our range of products will satisfy all your requests: Keep in mind that the best towels are what will be pleasing to the eye and to the touch. And, as mentioned, not forget that they also contribute to modify the visual impact of a house and the aesthetic appearance of the environments in which they are placed. It is a particular of which account must be taken, especially with regard to the choice of colors: You can bet on hue in the same color with the rest (for example with the floor or with tents) or in contrast. With Jenny Sisal products manage to satisfy your needs.


Per la casa una linea completa di prodotti per tutti i gusti.

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